Watching your teeth slowly decay can be an upsetting experience. What’s worse is having to get most or all of them pulled because they’ve become damaged beyond repair. Many of us take great pride in our teeth, since they help us present an image of confidence, health and success. When our teeth start to deteriorate, this is often a sign that we’re getting older or having more serious health issues, and can even force us to face our mortality.

So why not fight back? With the help of Nirvana Dental, patients in Bedford, Euless and Colleyville can turn back the clock and restore the health and luster of damaged teeth. Cavity restoration is one procedure our patients rely on to improve the function and integrity of missing tooth matter.

What Is Cavity Restoration & How Does It Work?

Cavities are often caused by tooth decay, which affects both the outer enamel of the tooth and the crucial inner layer known as dentin. Tooth decay is usually the result of bacteria in the mouth converting carbohydrates into acids.

Combine acid and food debris and you get the delightful substance known as plaque. This substance clings to teeth, breaks down enamel and creates the holes we know as cavities. Cavities can happen at any age, and the first step to fighting them is to get regular dental check-ups.

Also, it’s important to ensure you brush your teeth regularly and avoid eating too many sweets.

Here's a great video showcasing some of the most common causes of cavities:

Types of Dental Restoration

  • Direct Tooth Restoration - If you're suffering with cavities, the most common treatment will be direct tooth restoration. This treatment normally involves placing a filling into the cavity. This is a relatively non-invasive procedure that can usually be completed in a single visit.

The Missing tooth material is replaced with an alternative substance, which will vary depending on the nature of the cavity, the position of the affected tooth and your own budget and preference. In some cases, you might use a glass or resin ionomer if the replacement is going near the root.

  • Side Filling - A side filling can be used where the tooth has been damaged at the side or where gum erosion has led to the roots becoming exposed.

  • Indirect Restoration - An indirect restoration involves the use of a crown, inlay or a veneer to cover the exposed surface of the tooth. These have numerous benefits, especially from an aesthetic standpoint, but might not be suitable on their own as a form of cavity restoration.

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