Your Family Dentist in Fort Worth, TX

The old saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas” certainly seems to be true in Fort Worth, the sister city to Dallas in northern-central Texas. It has big roots in the cattle industry, has experienced big growth in recent years and is the scene of big cultural centers and museums that attract people from across the state. At Nirvana Dental, we love Fort Worth for its exciting environment and its friendly people.

Have you and your family recently moved to Fort Worth and need a family dentist? Or perhaps you have lived in the area for years and want to make a change with your dental care? Dr. Prachi Vartikar is a friendly, personable and caring dentist in the area. She has treated many families just like yours, with needs ranging from Invisalign and preventative dental care to dental emergencies and other cosmetics.

Our kind and compassionate staff, along with Dr. Vartikar’s exceptional treatment, keeps these families returning to our office for routine dental exams. Our foundation of a trusting relationship allows us to offer additional services for these patients, such as teeth whitening services. If you live in Fort Worth and need a family dentist who can establish a rapport with children as well as the rest of your family, consider Nirvana Dental.

Seek a Cosmetic Dentist in Fort Worth, TX

Cosmetic dentistry treats aesthetic issues that may arise with your teeth, such as misalignment, gaps, chips and more. Dr. Vartikar provides cosmetic dentistry options for patients of all ages, so we can help your family get straighter, stronger teeth. Whether your teen wants Invisalign to straighten crooked bottom teeth or you need dental veneers to cover chipped teeth, we’re here for you.

How do you know what type of treatment to get? Dr. Vartikar meets with patients to determine what treatments may assist you with your dental goals. Perhaps you want to know something as simple as how to get your children to floss better. Or maybe you have some clicking in your jaw and aren’t sure what that means? With Dr. Vartikar’s understanding and insights, you can move toward a treatment plan that addresses your unique situation — a part of our commitment to getting to know all of our patients.

Addressing cosmetic issues with your teeth promptly ensures the problems do not worsen. Some of the services we provide at our Fort Worth-area office include:

We believe a smile is the reflection of the soul. By getting treatment for small imperfections in your teeth, you will gain the confidence to flash your beautiful smile wherever you go. The effects of cosmetic dentistry are beyond the expectations of our patients. If you’ve been looking for a trusted Invisalign dentist around Fort Worth, TX, Nirvana Dental is ready to help you and your family get the smile of your dreams.

Teeth Whitening in Fort Worth, TX

Do you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea every morning? These are a great part of your wakeup routine but not so great for your teeth, which can develop stains from your daily habit. Many drinks can cause discoloration of the teeth. You may have tried over-the-counter whitening strips or gels to treat the issue, with little to no success. Instead, come to our office to receive teeth whitening treatment from our team.

We use a process that breaks down stain molecules by employing a special solution to eliminate any discoloration. Your teeth will brighten and lighten with recurring treatments. The KöR Whitening System combines in-office and at-home treatments, and we can even treat people with tooth sensitivity using the KöR Desensitizer.

Your Emergency Dentist in Fort Worth

Your child is playing a soccer game and gets in the way of a free kick, knocking out their front tooth. While your first reaction may be to panic, we’re ready to calmly take action with our emergency treatment options for your child.

We know emergencies seem to pop up at the most inopportune times. That’s why we offer flexible dental emergency services in Fort Worth, designed to give you peace of mind when these accidents happen. Our emergency treatment includes:

  • Lost fillings

  • Cavities

  • Root canals

  • Chipped teeth

  • Loose crowns

Some people worry they shouldn’t contact a dental office for something that’s not a “real” emergency. At Nirvana Dental, we’re prepared to help in any way possible. We can always schedule you for an appointment down the road for an issue that doesn’t require immediate attention, but often something you think is not a big deal can grow serious. We don’t want you to risk anyone’s health by putting off treatment.

Getting into our office as soon as possible is the best way to ensure minor dental problems don’t turn into major ones. Call in and describe your symptoms, and we can schedule an appointment that accommodates you and your family.

We Focus on Kids at Nirvana Dental

Dr. Vartikar loves kids, and kids love her. She talks to them about the things they care about and establishes an instant rapport that puts them at ease during treatment. Many kids feel nervous about visiting the dentist. By giving kids a friendly setting where they can feel comfortable, Dr. Vartikar eliminates those nerves quickly. She has two kids herself, understanding the best ways to communicate effectively. Our patients appreciate our practice because they can be seen for treatment right along with their kids’ appointments.

Children often want to understand what is happening when someone is working on their teeth. They want to know why we do what we do, and Dr. Vartikar explains everything in a simple language. She can also walk your teen through Invisalign treatment and procedures, as well as teach proper dental care to your children. When they see what a good brushing technique looks like, they’re more likely to do it and improve their oral hygiene habits at home.

Make an Appointment With the Best Dentist in Fort Worth, TX

We know you have a busy schedule with lots of commitments. Our office has convenient hours, allowing you to schedule around your needs. Make an appointment today by calling our office at (682) 703-0101 or book a time online.