Website Privacy Policy

Nirvana Dental is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our website visitors. The content on this page describes the policies we have formed to ensure your personal data and health information is secure when you visit our website.

This policy may change periodically, so please check back every now and again for updates on our privacy policies.

Who is Collecting Information?

Nirvana Dental is gathering information on this website as described in this privacy policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

Nirvana Dental collects certain types of information automatically through our website. This includes:

  • Information on what pages are visited
  • The name of the web browser used and other device specification information
  • Operating system used
  • Date and time of website access
  • Information on what website may have referred you to us, if any
  • IP address of visitor computers

By the nature of our system, even if you don't interact with our website outside of browsing pages, the system will still gather and store information about your visits in the forms listed above. The purpose of this data is to help us see how visitors are using our website so that we can improve the user experience in the future.

Information collected with your permission:

There are certain areas of the website where your information may be collected with your permission. Currently, this includes our contact page where you can complete a contact form. Another example would be our email newsletter. Information collected in these cases may include personal contact information such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

How We Use Collected Information

Nirvana Dental uses information collected on our website to:

  • Monitor, measure, and analyze the different ways in which our website is used by visitors
  • Develop new ways to enhance the website through new content, layout, etc.
  • Identify areas in need of improvement based on visitor feedback and questions
  • Study visitor demographic data for our own marketing purposes
  • Send news and offers through email and other marketing programs

Who Has Access to this Information?

Nirvana Dental does not share any personally identifiable information gathered during your website visit automatically or by permission with any other organizations. We do not sell this information in any way, shape, or form.

Ways to edit the Information We Have on Record or to Opt-Out

You may contact us if you wish to edit the personal information we have on record for you or if you would like to opt-out of any particular marketing efforts such as an email marketing list. To do this:

  • Send an email to
  • Call the office at (683) 703-0101
  • Send a letter to us at our listed address
  • Click the "opt-out" option that may be present in our email marketing messages

How We Use Cookies

Nirvana Dental uses cookies or some form of cookies for the following purposes:

  • Collecting data for Google Analytics (this includes demographics and interest reporting)
  • Collecting data for Google remarketing ad campaigns
  • Collecting data for Google Display Network impression reporting
  • Facebook advertising and remarketing campaigns

Cookies are small amounts of data that are sent to your web browser from a server and then stored on your computer. These cookies can track information about your web browsing habits and then send that information back to the cookie owner for their own data analytics and marketing purposes. An example would be Google Analytics, which uses cookies to gather information about what pages you visited when you came to the Nirvana Dental website.

Nirvana Dental does not use cookies for gathering and storing any information other than for Google analytics and advertising purposes, which is in line with what most websites currently do. We do not use cookies to store and sell any information about our visitors.

If visitors wish to opt-out specifically from Google Analytics data collection, they may use the tool located here.

Links Leading to External Websites

It is important to note that in certain sections of our website content, there may be links leading to external websites not owned or operated by Nirvana Dental. Inclusion of these links does not indicate any partnership or relationship between those websites and Nirvana Dental, and we have no control over what happens on those websites. We encourage our visitors to read the privacy policies of any websites they visit before submitting sensitive information.

This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may change over time depending on different internet marketing and data collection efforts we participate in. Please check back periodically to pick up on these changes and be educated about how your data is collected and used on our website.