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I’m Dr. Prachi Vartikar and I’d like to personally invite you to explore what makes our practice unique and special.

About us.

Preventative dentistry, cleanings, professional teeth whitening, same-day dentures, Invisalign and dental implants are a few of the services we specialize in at Nirvana Dental. Our dental treatments can dramatically improve your teeth and gum health while enhancing your smile and increasing your self-esteem. Dr. Vartikar also excels in giving patients quick and painless “smile makeovers” using dental bonding or dental veneers that conceal chipped, decayed or severely stained teeth.

Don't go another day feeling depressed about your teeth. Make the decision to start flashing that radiant smile you’ve always had but didn’t know how to achieve by scheduling an appointment today with the top-rated dentist in Bedford, Colleyville, & Euless TX. Once you meet us, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision to receive all your dental care at Nirvana Dental.

At Nirvana Dental, we give personalized, one-on-one attention to ensure each patient feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible, whether they need a simple cleaning or a dental implant.

Our calm environment, friendly staff and state-of-the-art dental procedures provided by our top rated dentist supports our guarantee that all patients receive the kind of superior, compassionate care they deserve and need. If you experience anxiety when visiting the dentist, please let us know, and we will be more than happy to accommodate you in any way possible.

Video Testimonials

Our patients say.

“Welcoming and friendly staff. Not pushy about dental work that “needs” to be done as I have experienced at other offices, and they were accommodating with their scheduling.”

Nathan R

“I've had a lot of dentists due to moving a lot.  Dr. V is great - very professional and good at what she does.  I had a wisdom tooth extraction yesterday and Dr. V patiently answered all my last-minute questions right before the procedure.  I was also there to repair a small cavity.”

Patricia V

“Nirvana is the most innovative…clean and efficient dental clinic we have ever experienced. Dr. V provides  tools to give patients  the utmost comfort and effectiveness. From X-rays to cleanings everything is quick and painless. Love this place… So thankful to have found Nirvana!!!”

Linda N

“Nirvana Dental is the best dentist I have been to. They know what they are doing and give you great hospitality. They allow you to watch TV while you are laying down with a TV screen on the ceiling. Would greatly recommend.”

Tyler T

“Very good first visit, exam, and deep cleaning.  I felt everything was explained to me well by Dr. V and broken down cost wise.  I didn't feel like they were trying to push any services on me.  I was given a plan with what's recommended as critical needs and the rest as optional work as needed.  Glad to have found them.”

Vinny S

“I did a root canal at Nirvana dentistry today. I was told before hand the pain will be excruciating. To my surprise I didn’t feel any pain. Dr V is awesome very polite and professional including the staff. I have no hesitation to recommend this place to anyone seeking dental service.”

Neomal D

Smile bright, smile wide, Don't let cavities hide!