What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a non-invasive method dentists can use to repair a patient’s smile, effectively restoring a straight, white set of teeth while reducing the likelihood of future damage. This option won’t be available for everyone, as it depends on the condition of your current teeth. But, wherever it’s available, it’s often one of the preferred options for patients looking to restore their smiles.

So, what exactly are dental crowns and what does the treatment involve? Read on and we’ll take a closer look at dental crowns, how they can be used to improve your dental health and whether they’re the best option for your own smile makeover.

The Process

A dental crown is essentially a “cap” of sorts that can be placed over the top of a tooth to cover it up and protect it. This can then act both as a protective layer that prevents the remaining tooth underneath from being damaged by food or bacteria, and as a visual aid to make the tooth appear whiter and straighter again. Because the original tooth will be completely hidden underneath the crown, you can choose precisely how you want your new tooth to look, making it as straight and white as you’d like.

During the procedure, the dental crowns will be fully cemented into place, making them permanent fixtures. Typically, they’ll cover the entire visible portion of the target tooth, starting right at the gum line.

Should You Get Dental Crowns?

If you live in Bedford, Euless or Colleyville TX, and you’re interested in getting dental crowns, Nirvana Dental can help. Visit our practice and we’ll put you perfectly at ease while we work on your teeth. We are a friendly and professional team with many years of experience, and we always make the comfort of our patients the absolute priority!

We can also offer dental crown repair and replacement if you have existing crowns in need of some care.

Dental crowns are not for everyone. That’s why your visit will always start with a consultation to discuss whether this is the right approach for you. Generally, dental crowns will be used to protect week teeth, to restore broken or worn-down teeth or to help secure a dental bridge in place.

They’re also used on top of dental implants, to straighten teeth or to fix their coloring. Because this procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t involve an extraction, it’s generally preferred over an implant or similar options. However, you’ll need to have a tooth of at least a certain strength in place, with healthy gums underneath, to make use of a dental crown.

Dental Crown Pain & Repairs

If you're experiencing pain with a dental crown or if it has fallen out or is in need of repair, Dr. Vartikar can help you. Our team of experts can repair your crown to eliminate your pain and get you smiling again!

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