A mouth full of metal brackets and wires used to be the only way to straighten crooked teeth. Wearing these uncomfortable silver braces not only made it difficult to properly clean teeth, it made it difficult to speak clearly and eat certain foods.

The Invisalign® system of using removable aligners to restore normal teeth positioning has revolutionized the orthodontic industry and the way dentists straighten teeth. Containing no brackets or wires, Invisalign® tray aligners are nearly invisible when worn because they are made from a clear, hypoallergenic material. In addition, Invisalign® trays are removable, which makes it easy to continue good oral hygiene practices. Alternately, metal braces glued to teeth are not removable and can promote halitosis, gingivitis and enamel pitting. Invisalign® has become one of our most popular orthodontic services.

How Does Your Invisalign® Dentist Work to Straighten Teeth?

Wondering how Invisalign® works? We provide you with a succession of differently molded trays designed to move your teeth into the straightest position possible. During each visit to Nirvana Dental, Dr. Vartikar will examine the position of your crooked teeth and enter dimension information into computer software to predetermine the shape of each Invisalign® aligner. Laboratory technicians create your customized aligners according to Dr. Vartikar’s instructions. 

Every two weeks, you will wear a differently molded Invisalign® tray to exact new pressures on crooked teeth. These trays gently shift teeth into their correct — and straighter — positions. Patients experience no discomfort or bleeding while wearing trays because they are made of a hypoallergenic, soft acrylic resin that conforms to the exact dimensions of their mouth.

Here's a great video explaining how Invisalign® works to straighten your teeth:

As a certified Bedford, Euless, & Colleyville TX Invisalign® dentist excelling in general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dr. Vartikar recommends Invisalign® clear aligners to: 

  • Conveniently and comfortably straighten mild to moderately crooked teeth

  • Narrow gaps between teeth

  • Correct unattractive underbites/overbites

With her expertise in Invisalign®, Dr. Vartikar restores the beauty of a patient's smile typically within 18 months without subjecting patients to the pain of metal braces. Our patients are often impressed with the improvement in their smile from before to after their Invisalign® treatment.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with our Invisalign® specialist Dr. Vartikar, please call Nirvana Dental today at (682) 703-0101. 

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