As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Here at Nirvana Dental, that’s something we firmly believe. While we have a huge number of procedures to help you remove, fix or replace damaged teeth, it’s always preferable to avoid getting to that point in the first place.

Your teeth should be able to last you a lifetime. And, if cared for properly, they will. It’s possible to avoid the need for painful, invasive or expensive procedures, while avoiding the risk of further damage that can be caused by decay, gum disease or overcrowding.

This is why the most important service we offer is by far our preventative dental care. Read on to discover what that involves and why it’s so important!

What Is Preventative Dental Care?

Preventative dental care involves a range of different procedures aimed at helping you to remove stains, repair damage and stop any other deterioration in its tracks.

The most important part of this process is simply checking up on your dental health. By examining your teeth thoroughly, a trained dentist will be able to spot early signs of tooth decay, plaque buildup, gum disease or other issues. By catching these problems in their early stages, they can prevent them from progressing to the point where you could be at risk of losing a tooth.

Preventative dental care also often involves consultations to help patients better understand the potential risks to their teeth and what they can do to manage them. This may include lifestyle alterations or changes in diet. Or, it might simply involve advice regarding the best ways to clean your teeth.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean the Right Way

We all think we know how to brush our teeth, but many of us make common mistakes that lead to damage. For instance, if you brush too hard, you risk wearing away the enamel and gums. You also need to consider the best toothpaste to deal with sensitive teeth or to help with whitening.

You should also schedule periodic teeth cleaning sessions with your dentist to remove stains or other blemishes that may be caused by smoking, drinking coffee or eating sweets. Regular cleanings will help ensure your teeth are always looking their best.

Teeth cleaning is not just cosmetic, though. Cleaning away plaque will also help prevent buildup that can lead to tooth decay or gum infection.

Come and See Us Today

The worst thing you can possibly do for your oral health is to wait until you’re experiencing pain or loose teeth before making a visit. Believe it or not, this is what a lot of people do.

Don’t make the same mistake! Book your first dental deep cleaning with Nirvana Dental today and we’ll look forward to seeing you. With a team of highly trained professionals on your side, you can rest assured your teeth will remain strong, white and healthy for a lifetime!

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