Endodontics is the branch of dentistry involving root canals and similar remedies attempting to save an infected tooth. With expertise in the field of rotary endodontics, Dr. Vartikar offers root canal treatment using state-of-the-art, electric dental devices that are quieter and more efficient than traditional root canal tools. 

Additional benefits of rotary endodontics include the need for fewer files to be used during a root canal and improved flexibility provided by nickel titanium files that allows Dr. Vartikar to treat curved or problematic roots during root canal procedures.

Why You May Need to Visit a Root Canal Dentist Specializing in Pain Relief

Root canals are sometimes necessary to save a badly infected tooth from extraction. Although the outside of your teeth are made of extremely hard dentin and enamel, the inside is soft, pulpy and filled with sensitive nerves. Teeth pulp is vulnerable to infection by oral bacteria that feed on pulp proteins. 

If bacteria reach the pulp, infection may occur that leads to inflammation, pain and, ultimately, destruction of the tooth. Endodontic specialists like Dr. Vartikar perform root canals on teeth by removing infected pulp, cleaning the cavity and replacing the pulp with a dental resin that resembles tooth pulp.

Pulp infections occur when teeth suffer enamel cracks and fractures large enough for oral bacteria to infiltrate and reach the pulp.

Signs Your Tooth May Be Infected

•    Redness and swelling around the tooth
•    Pain that worsens when you bite down on the tooth
•    A gum abscess that seeps pus

Unless you receive root canal treatment, the tooth may rapidly decay, loosen and eventually fall out.

Schedule an Appointment for Root Canal Treatments With The Experts

One of the leading root canal dentists in Texas, Dr. Vartikar will gently and quickly access infected dental pulp without compromising the integrity of the rest of the tooth. A procedure called coronal flaring is supported by the use of rotary endodontic instruments and allows Dr. Vartikar to thoroughly remove infected pulp and disinfect the interior of the tooth. Rotary endodontics reduces the amount of time it takes to complete a root canal while enhancing the ability of your root canal specialist to clean all bacteria from inside the tooth.

Following completion of a root canal, Dr. Vartikar then places a dental crown over the tooth to protect it from further damage. Teeth that have experienced a root canal are fragile and require the stability provided by a dental crown.

Dr. Vartikar assures all her patients that rotary endodontic procedures are preceded by administration of strong anesthetics to fully numb the area being treated. With extensive knowledge concerning the use of endodontic tools, Dr. Vartikar offers a more comfortable, nearly pain-free experience for patients needing root canal treatment.

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