If you've always wanted a beautiful, straight smile, Nirvana Dental® is proud to provide our Bedford, Euless and Colleyville patients with high-quality orthodontic services including the Invisalign® system and Six Month Smiles.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals directly with correcting teeth and jaws that are improperly positioned. Crooked teeth are an issue that makes many patients feel insecure. When teeth are not in the right place, it can detract from one's overall appearance. Other problems can also develop later on in life if patients' teeth are not straightened, such as:

  • Difficulty maintaining oral hygiene

  • Higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease

  • Increased stress on jaw muscles that can lead to headaches and other oral issues

When you allow the team at Nirvana Dental to straighten your smile, you'll benefit from a healthier mouth, and your teeth are more likely to last a lifetime. Plus, you get the added boost of confidence a great smile brings to anyone.

Whether you visit a dentist or an orthodontist for orthodontic treatment, there are a variety of services that these oral health professionals can provide to straighten your teeth, ranging from common treatments you know to specialized appliances that are only used for certain cases. The most typical options include:

  • Traditional braces

  • Aligners, such as Invisalign®

  • Removable retainers

  • Headgear

Orthodontic Services Offered at Nirvana Dental

At Nirvana Dental, we offer a few different orthodontic solutions to our patients that allow them to get all their dental care in one office. These are state-of-the-art systems that not only provide beautiful results, but in some instances, they can get your teeth straightened in a shorter amount of time. After meeting with Dr. Vartikar for a consultation and smile assessment, she may recommend one of two procedures:

Although Nirvana Dental is committed to the highest level of dental and orthodontic care, Dr. Vartikar is not an orthodontist. We do not provide traditional braces. Our treatment options offer more cosmetic orthodontic solutions that still effectively straighten our patients' teeth. This includes patients with mild to moderate crooked teeth, narrow gaps or unattractive overbites or underbites. For those in need of complex corrections to their bite or occlusion, we will assist you in finding the specialized care you require.

Find out More About Nirvana Dental's Orthodontic Treatment Options

Dr. Vartikar and the team want to give patients throughout Bedford, Colleyville and Euless effective options to straighten your teeth. At one convenient location, you can have your annual cleaning plus get a straighter, more beautiful smile.

To find out if you qualify for our orthodontic services, make an appointment today by contacting us online, or give us a call at (682) 703-0101.

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